I Am Hesitant To Mention by Nick Courtright

Originally published in the Summer 2014 issue of The Literati Quarterly.

I am hesitant to mention the Three
Guanas. Sattwa, which is light and goodness
and purity, Rajas which is passion
and ambition and striving, and Tamas,

which is stability and lethargy
and inertia. The ratios of these
very, but equal 1 all together,
as suggested plainly to Arjuna

by Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita.
The metaphor may or may not be true.
Maybe Tolstoy was correct when in War
and Peace he said “you will die and find out

everything- or cease asking.” Or maybe
that is nowhere near correct, that Tolstoy
doesn’t give us enough credit for what
we can accomplish now, in this life, pure

and restless and lazy as it is. Ask,
why was I hesitant to share the Gunas?
Division is tough, and because we have
only years to rest, they should be cherished.


Nick Courtright is the author of Let There Be Light which was released by Gold Wake Press with endorsements by such greats as Naomi Shihab Nye, Matt Hart, Kwame Dawes and Noah Eli Gordon. His first book, Punchline, was a National Poetry Series finalist in 2012. Courtright’s poetry has appeared in The Southern Review, The Iowa Review, Boston Review and The Kenyon Review Online, among numerous others. For more information, see his website.